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Shh!!!....Serve, help, and be healed


Listen it's the sound of silence. Silence can be the perfect way to actually hear what is really going on in your mind. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with noise. The noise can be the sounds of daily life, but also the sounds of our negative thoughts. "I'm so tired, I'm so out of shape, if I could just make more money, if I could just change jobs, if my relationship were just better". This daily noise in our lives can leave us feeling down and at worst, defeated. So please, Shh!!!!

Shh!!! for just a moment. Slow down, get quiet and take time for yourself. In this quiet moment, let go of all the expectations and know that you are enough. You are enough as you are, and with what you have been given. Be grateful for those things that are going well, and that make you who you are. In the quietness, instead use the SHH!!!- Serve, Help, and Heal.

By finding ways in which you can serve others, you will feel uplifted and rewarded for who you are and…