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Choose for yourself!!

Do you choose for yourself or do you choose for others. Unless we are shopping for a gift, it would probably be better to choose for yourself. We are often given the message that we should think of others first. Think of the name passenger tires, as if they are being used with the passenger in mind. A better name would be driver tires. It's the driver that is actually utilizing the handling, safety, and comfort features. The passenger is only experiencing the result of the driver's choice. The truth is that choosing for others, often leaves us feeling disssatisfaction. 
Making choices that are satisfying your needs and increasing your capacity in life actually allows others to experience a better you. It's the you that beems with energy, radiates happiness, and is attractive to others. 
Allow yourself to make decisions that are going to make you the best version of yourself. The one that cares about yourself so much, that your best is a daily habit. That is the version of yo…

Mini Surge #2 Praise

Everyone deserves a shot in the arm once in a while.  Not literally, but figuratively.  The shot of acknowledgment, praise, positive feedback, kindness, and a simple thank you for all they do.

Make it a point to give someone some of your time to acknowledge how they make your life better.  Let them know how much you enjoy how they contribute to your life.  Nothing will motivate someone to try harder and give even more than these acknowledgements.  Think of the last time someone said what an amazing parent you are, co-worker, spouse, or friend. What feeling came from it? Did you feel empowered and excited about life? Here's a secret, it feels better to give it.
The next time someone touches your life in a positive way, make sure to let them know. Give them the praise they deserve for touching your life and making you a happier person.  The words are worth more than gold!!!

View challenge like a child!!

Kids always remind us that challenges are to be conquered not feared. A recent trip to the park resulted in a myriad of successes observed in one place. It seems the playground, with its massive slides, climbing structure, and spinning apparatus is the ultimate place to experience success.

Kids take on each challenge with the expectation of conquering each one, not the fear of failure or disappointment. Perseverance is a must, not just a thought. 
It's amazing to watch these little guys succeed at their level, and we can learn a lot about how to handle are own grown up challenges. 
Take these tips from the kids. Persevere, do not fear. Conquer at all costs, and by all means have fun doing it.


Love What You Do By Valuing Others

Working in a helping environment is one of the greatest joys of my life.  It took a few years of my own personal coaching experience to figure out my path, but I am glad I went through my own design coaching and am forever grateful to my mentors and coaches.  I have arrived at what I feel is my purpose and contribution as design coach to others, and I'm enjoying more than ever adding value to others by helping them design their best life.

In any career field you have chosen, you will be performing the work of adding value to others.  It is important to learn the skill of valuing others in order to be successful. You see, it's loving our job that matters, not doing our job.  If you are really about loving your job, honing your craft, and being a peak performer, it will come not by working harder, but by adding value to others.  It is that contribution to bettering others that will bring happiness and joy to the career you have chosen.
Choose to value others by helping and serving…

Mini Surge #1

As I experience and am energized by the small things in life, I decided I would share the positive energy as a Mini Surge here on my blog.

Surge #1 is definitely inspired by the ability to run or walk while traveling.  As I took to a brisk 3 mile run I couldn't help but notice that taking in new surroundings is amazing.  We've all heard, "try something new." Try a short run or walk and take in the trees, trails, buildings, homes, businesses, colors, smells. Whatever inspires and energizes you, the amazing part is you don't even realize pains, aches or complaints. You will thank yourself for getting out there and experiencing the small things!!

The 2 words that will extend your life!!!

Do you ever look at someone and say, "what is wrong with that person, that is absolutely ridiculous."  We've all been there, the meeting, the party, the conference.  That moment when something in you responds to another person in judgement and disbelief at the lack of ability to act accordingly.  Unfortunately, accordingly is based on the script we have been programmed to assess whether something is wrong or right for us.  The curious part of all this is that what may cause us stress and grief, might make another beam with glee.

Passing judgement on a person for their behavior creates a low energy field that feeds our cells with negative feelings.  These feelings are what we describe as stress, and stress is what leads to dis-ease. Curiosity on the other hand may not only save you from dis-ease, but actually inspire a happier view of life. You see, your mind is happiest when it is trying to make sense of life.  That curiosity creates a high energy field that resonates p…

Stop denying your success, live it instead!!

A challenge to all readers!!  Take a real look at yourself.  Who you are, how you got there, and most importantly, where you are.  You'll probably be amazed at your success.

We have all been through many experiences in life that have shaped us and molded us into our current version.  Through all your triumphs and learning experiences, you are still here and you are a better version than without those experiences.  There are no failures, just those experiences that teach us and guide us to change our direction.  Remember, there is no failure.

I took this challenge myself recently and was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards.  Who am I?  The son of mexican immigrants that came to the US early in their lives with nothing and modestly raised two children with many statistics stacked against them.  How did I get here? I suppose it was the drive to explore a big world and find my place in it. The same drive my parents had when they blindly came to make a new life.  I got here by …

Connect Wisely!!

Your connections are your connections, to the world!!
The people that you surround yourself with really do connect you to the world.  People are either making you better or making you less than you are.  The people that you choose to be around are boosting your mood, or robbing your energy.  They are increasing your knowledge, or dropping your IQ by association.  They are causing you misery, or giving you bliss.  You choose.   
Choosing to be around positive people has been shown to boost your mood.  Simply sitting with, or conversing with positive people has the ability to elevate anyone out of the depths of most negative funks. A deep conversation with someone about positive topics can make you smarter.  Positive people just want to communicate in an educated and fun manner.  And Happiness?  Well, positive people look for and surround themselves with other happy people.  Just watch Shawn Achor describe how "happiness actually fuels success."
So grab the keys, pack a sweate…

There Is No Failure

I've spent some time the last few weeks thinking about the word failure.  It's such a common word, and lately even a social media trend, #epicfail.  Terrible. I have benefited greatly by practicing and teaching the replacement of negative words with positive words.  As I pondered the word failure, I realized it did not really need a replacement word.  I realized it wasn't even much of a word.  The more I reflected on previous "failures", I really was left thinking about the experience and education I had gained from events previously labeled as failures.  We really have experiences of learning with opportunities to better ourselves.

We have all been made better through the education and experience gained after moments that did not turn out as expected.  After reflecting on these moments, we reassess our expectations, readjust our steps, and eventually end up with a successful outcome.  Eliminating that so called "failure".  The media thrives on news st…

What Are You Settling For?

Remember the picture of the woman in your Intro to Psych class?  Which was then followed by the question, "Do you see the young beautiful woman or the frail old lady?" Depending on how we see life or our mental attitude, the outcome usually varies from person to person.  The same goes for the question, "What are you settling for?"

Depending on your thoughts, you either came up with a long list of things that are not right in your life or have been really bothering you. (Negative).  On the other hand, some of you might have immediately read the question and answered, "You're right, what am I settling for!!"  (Positive).  This attitude about life immediately springs you into thinking, action, and coming up with a whole different list.  A list of things that you have been putting off or still dream of doing.
Why is this list different?  Because it inspires you into personal action.  Action in the direction of the things that get you excited and feeling g…

Who is in your mastermind group?

Geniuses, Gurus, know-it-alls!!!

Call them what you want, but there is a small group of people that influence your thoughts and actions on a daily basis.  The group is usually comprised of those people that you are around most often.  As Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with". 

So who are your 5 people?  If you are not sure, they are still there.  You just don't have them available in a way that helps your life. If you know who they are, it's time to take inventory of the influence they have over your life.  If these are the people that influence you to be your best, then congratulations!!! You have a Mastermind Group.  A group that you can count on to be there for you and are honest with you about your life.

I am fortunate to have found this grou,p at the best time in my life.  Since having a mastermind group I have grown personally, and my purpose to serve others has never been more productive.  They are the best friends to …