Be Kind

Two simple words that can change the course of our relationships with others. Not just those close and personal relationships, but every interaction we have with random strangers too. All people deserve our kindness, not because it makes us better but because it might be just what they need to get through their day or even make them better.

     One of the biggest concerns is that we are raising a culture that thinks of kindness as a weakness, when it couldn't be further from the truth. All great things begin with a positive intent. We should encourage a kind heart and love for others.

     Our purpose should be to serve as role model for others, especially the younger generations that might not have the opportunity to experience kindness as frequently as they should. Whether young or old, everyone can be made different by an act of kindness. Sometimes it's a gift, a card, a helpful hand, a word, or even just smile that says you matter.  

     Let's remember that the act…

Make Kindness a Habit

Oh how easy it is to respond in anger, how easy it is to be rude. We want to be right at any cost, but are we really willing to pay that cost. Perhaps none of the above actually has a payoff, but instead leads us into isolation and loneliness. "Where did everyone go?" or "Where are all my friends?" Perhaps being right is not the answer. 

We can choose to be kind, to speak from a place of kindness and communicate to be heard instead of being right. Kindness is a sign of strength, a place of control over ourselves. Kindness shows that we are a person of character, of virtue, of value. We respect all humankind. We don't concern ourselves with being right, but with coming from a place of kindness and respect. 
So where are all my friends? Well, they are around me. They are in my life, because they are treated with kindness and respect. They are valued for making my life better and for being there in a pinch. Have some left, the answer is yes. They were no longer able…

Your 24/7 support team

We all have days that will challenge our flow, as well as days we will celebrate wins. But challenge or win, without a support team to share it with, it won't be the same experience. The world needs to know what you're experiencing, as sharing  that experience is what allows us to "feel" the experience. 
A life coach serves as a sounding board and support during challenge or triumph. We are here to build up motivation to tackle goals as well as a place to reflect on current circumstances that need a push in a positive direction. Think of a life coach as your personal consultant for life change and goal accomplishments.
So whether it's a challenge or a win, you need to share it in order to fully experience its lesson or reward. Consider your own personal life coach, we are here to serve. 

Why Master the mind.....Why Mastermind!!

There is power in numbers.

Teamwork makes the Dream work.

No matter how you heard it, there is truth to these statements. Find a Mastermind group and find one fast. When working on a goal or dream, nothing will speed up accomplishment like a Mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a group of individuals that come together to share their goals and dreams and help each other achieve them. This is done through support, accountability, guidance, sharing knowledge, experiences and reflections. Think of it as your support group for accomplishing your goals.

Just Google mastermind groups in your local area and find one that suits your needs, and if there isn't one near you then this would be a great opportunity to start one. Whether it's 2-3 people or 20-30, just sharing your goals and getting the support from others will dramatically speed up the process.

Interested? Keep reading. See what Forbes had to say about joining a mastermind group or feel free to ask me about joining a mast…

1,825 Days Should Not Look The Same

In 1,825 days we will closely be approaching the year 2020. Another decade will have passed and hopefully we can say that it's been the best years so far. What will you be proud of approaching the year 2020? What opportunities might have been missed? There are 1,825 days in every 5 year period and I hope there is a plan for the next 5 years. In 5 short years you can RE-INVENT yourself, RE-CREATE yourself, even RE-PURPOSE yourself. The person you are today is not the person you will be in 5 years. You will either be a better version or a where did the time go version. 
Your 5 year plans and goals matter and they matter today. The person you will be in 5 years depends on the goals and actions you take today.
Start the process of writing down your goals and dreams for 2020. Imagine what your life will look look like in 5 years, what will it feel like, who will you be? review your goals daily and keep them on your mind at all times. The opportunity to reinvent yourself is within reach…

Run for Life

Run for life.......... This morning as I ran and thought about how running mirrors life, I couldn't help but smile from the inspiring lesson I was taking in. My run usually begins as a slow trot just trying to get moving, then progresses into a smooth cruising pace, encountering a few challenging hills along the way, with a few moments feeling like an Olympic athlete, then finally a look back at my accomplishment and a great feeling of endorphin filled success. Life seems to mimic this process, but we must feel and listen to life as we do our body during a run.

The slow trot is needed, much like learning to walk, read, and learning about what it is we want to become someday. Those years mold us, shape us and prepare us for the progress we will experience during the cruising years. We must stay aware and know that this is the time to learn and make things happen. Yes we will encounter some uphill battles and surprise challenges along the way, but those moments build us into our bet…

Choose for yourself!!

Do you choose for yourself or do you choose for others. Unless we are shopping for a gift, it would probably be better to choose for yourself. We are often given the message that we should think of others first. Think of the name passenger tires, as if they are being used with the passenger in mind. A better name would be driver tires. It's the driver that is actually utilizing the handling, safety, and comfort features. The passenger is only experiencing the result of the driver's choice. The truth is that choosing for others, often leaves us feeling disssatisfaction. 
Making choices that are satisfying your needs and increasing your capacity in life actually allows others to experience a better you. It's the you that beems with energy, radiates happiness, and is attractive to others. 
Allow yourself to make decisions that are going to make you the best version of yourself. The one that cares about yourself so much, that your best is a daily habit. That is the version of yo…