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Make Kindness a Habit

Oh how easy it is to respond in anger, how easy it is to be rude. We want to be right at any cost, but are we really willing to pay that cost. Perhaps none of the above actually has a payoff, but instead leads us into isolation and loneliness. "Where did everyone go?" or "Where are all my friends?" Perhaps being right is not the answer. 

We can choose to be kind, to speak from a place of kindness and communicate to be heard instead of being right. Kindness is a sign of strength, a place of control over ourselves. Kindness shows that we are a person of character, of virtue, of value. We respect all humankind. We don't concern ourselves with being right, but with coming from a place of kindness and respect. 
So where are all my friends? Well, they are around me. They are in my life, because they are treated with kindness and respect. They are valued for making my life better and for being there in a pinch. Have some left, the answer is yes. They were no longer able…