Run for Life

Run for life.......... This morning as I ran and thought about how running mirrors life, I couldn't help but smile from the inspiring lesson I was taking in. My run usually begins as a slow trot just trying to get moving, then progresses into a smooth cruising pace, encountering a few challenging hills along the way, with a few moments feeling like an Olympic athlete, then finally a look back at my accomplishment and a great feeling of endorphin filled success. Life seems to mimic this process, but we must feel and listen to life as we do our body during a run.

The slow trot is needed, much like learning to walk, read, and learning about what it is we want to become someday. Those years mold us, shape us and prepare us for the progress we will experience during the cruising years. We must stay aware and know that this is the time to learn and make things happen. Yes we will encounter some uphill battles and surprise challenges along the way, but those moments build us into our better selves. The version of yourself you did not know existed, but glad you found. After all, who knew you had all that potential within you. As you become your best, you have your moment where you shine and inspire others as well. The Olympic version of yourself, seen through the eyes of many grateful admirers.

We must stay aware of the stage of the run we are on. If you're just starting, do not expect to feel that Olympic athlete just yet.  If you are feeling good and invincible, know that there will be challenges along the way to teach you about your better self.  Nonetheless, enjoy the run.  Enjoy the pace, enjoy the scenery. In the end, you will look back and measure you success, not so much in amounts, but in moments.

Enjoy this moment.



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