Choose for yourself!!

Do you choose for yourself or do you choose for others. Unless we are shopping for a gift, it would probably be better to choose for yourself. We are often given the message that we should think of others first. Think of the name passenger tires, as if they are being used with the passenger in mind. A better name would be driver tires. It's the driver that is actually utilizing the handling, safety, and comfort features. The passenger is only experiencing the result of the driver's choice. The truth is that choosing for others, often leaves us feeling disssatisfaction. 

Making choices that are satisfying your needs and increasing your capacity in life actually allows others to experience a better you. It's the you that beems with energy, radiates happiness, and is attractive to others. 

Allow yourself to make decisions that are going to make you the best version of yourself. The one that cares about yourself so much, that your best is a daily habit. That is the version of you that others will appreciate and love for all the ways in which they benefit from your best self. 

The driver is in control of the destination. Be your own driver, make your ride the best and let others enjoy the ride you are taking them on. 



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