Love What You Do By Valuing Others

Working in a helping environment is one of the greatest joys of my life.  It took a few years of my own personal coaching experience to figure out my path, but I am glad I went through my own design coaching and am forever grateful to my mentors and coaches.  I have arrived at what I feel is my purpose and contribution as design coach to others, and I'm enjoying more than ever adding value to others by helping them design their best life.

In any career field you have chosen, you will be performing the work of adding value to others.  It is important to learn the skill of valuing others in order to be successful. You see, it's loving our job that matters, not doing our job.  If you are really about loving your job, honing your craft, and being a peak performer, it will come not by working harder, but by adding value to others.  It is that contribution to bettering others that will bring happiness and joy to the career you have chosen.

Choose to value others by helping and serving them as loving human beings.  The greatest have always done that through their own labor of love and contribution to mankind.  It is not a place reserved for the special or gifted.  We are all capable of this feat through learning and building this wonderful skill.  

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