There Is No Failure

I've spent some time the last few weeks thinking about the word failure.  It's such a common word, and lately even a social media trend, #epicfail.  Terrible. I have benefited greatly by practicing and teaching the replacement of negative words with positive words.  As I pondered the word failure, I realized it did not really need a replacement word.  I realized it wasn't even much of a word.  The more I reflected on previous "failures", I really was left thinking about the experience and education I had gained from events previously labeled as failures.  We really have experiences of learning with opportunities to better ourselves.

We have all been made better through the education and experience gained after moments that did not turn out as expected.  After reflecting on these moments, we reassess our expectations, readjust our steps, and eventually end up with a successful outcome.  Eliminating that so called "failure".  The media thrives on news stories that highlight failures, and we are tricked into believing it was the final outcome.  There are never follow up stories of success and triumph that show the amazing ability people have to move beyond initial challenges and succeed through experience and learning.   

It's the education and experience we gain from so called "failure" that propels us to make changes.  It moves us toward change in our lives and gives us power to recreate moments and events.  The word failure itself has failed us.  It depletes our will, and stifles our ability to use our creative energy.  When we engage our thoughts and take advantage of the education and experience we have been gifted, the word failure no longer works to describe our events or who we are.  Let's move to eliminate the use of this word.  There is no failure. 

Share your experiences and educational moments and how they have positively impacted your life.   




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