What Are You Settling For?

Remember the picture of the woman in your Intro to Psych class?  Which was then followed by the question, "Do you see the young beautiful woman or the frail old lady?" Depending on how we see life or our mental attitude, the outcome usually varies from person to person.  The same goes for the question, "What are you settling for?"

Depending on your thoughts, you either came up with a long list of things that are not right in your life or have been really bothering you. (Negative).  On the other hand, some of you might have immediately read the question and answered, "You're right, what am I settling for!!"  (Positive).  This attitude about life immediately springs you into thinking, action, and coming up with a whole different list.  A list of things that you have been putting off or still dream of doing.

Why is this list different?  Because it inspires you into personal action.  Action in the direction of the things that get you excited and feeling great about life.  And feeling great about life usually transfers into happiness.  Yes, that feeling that puts a bounce in your step, a smile on your face, and has you seeing the young beautiful woman in the picture, or the mirror.  

It is amazing how are choice of outlook on life makes all the difference in the world!!!

Share your action thoughts with the world and help someone else see their inner beauty.



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