Stop denying your success, live it instead!!

A challenge to all readers!!  Take a real look at yourself.  Who you are, how you got there, and most importantly, where you are.  You'll probably be amazed at your success.

We have all been through many experiences in life that have shaped us and molded us into our current version.  Through all your triumphs and learning experiences, you are still here and you are a better version than without those experiences.  There are no failures, just those experiences that teach us and guide us to change our direction.  Remember, there is no failure.

I took this challenge myself recently and was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards.  Who am I?  The son of mexican immigrants that came to the US early in their lives with nothing and modestly raised two children with many statistics stacked against them.  How did I get here? I suppose it was the drive to explore a big world and find my place in it. The same drive my parents had when they blindly came to make a new life.  I got here by making the necessary changes when life's lessons appeared to provide a new direction.  Where am I?  A long way from where my parents began.  I have blazed my own path to success by thinking, taking action, and learning along the way.  I am a living success in contrast to my beginning, but I'm still on the path.  I share this only to plant a seed that you continue your journey, and realize your success today.

Take this challenge, take a real look at you journey.  You are at this place, at this time, and you are a success.  Continue your journey and live out those thoughts, act on them, take the smallest step in the direction of your dreams.  Every step gets you closer, make the adjustments when needed and live your success today.  Stop denying your successes, and build on them instead!!



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