The 2 words that will extend your life!!!

Do you ever look at someone and say, "what is wrong with that person, that is absolutely ridiculous."  We've all been there, the meeting, the party, the conference.  That moment when something in you responds to another person in judgement and disbelief at the lack of ability to act accordingly.  Unfortunately, accordingly is based on the script we have been programmed to assess whether something is wrong or right for us.  The curious part of all this is that what may cause us stress and grief, might make another beam with glee.

Passing judgement on a person for their behavior creates a low energy field that feeds our cells with negative feelings.  These feelings are what we describe as stress, and stress is what leads to dis-ease. Curiosity on the other hand may not only save you from dis-ease, but actually inspire a happier view of life. You see, your mind is happiest when it is trying to make sense of life.  That curiosity creates a high energy field that resonates positive feelings into our cells and body.  This is the reason curious children are always so positive and excited about what they are doing.  We adults can have that too, we just need to return to a curious state, rather than a judgemental state.

Make it your goal to return to your curious childlike view of life, as an adult it will pay off immediately.  And it's as easy as 2 simple words.  Those words, "I wonder....."

Yes, "I wonder why that person feels the need to scream, I wonder why they are choosing to drink again, I wonder if they really mean what they said?"  These two simple words provide your cells a more positive energy environment, while a judgemental approach can cause us stress and resentment for years.  It's a small choice we can make everyday that will improve our joy of life.  Let go of judgment, be curious instead!!!



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