Mini Surge #2 Praise

Everyone deserves a shot in the arm once in a while.  Not literally, but figuratively.  The shot of acknowledgment, praise, positive feedback, kindness, and a simple thank you for all they do.

Make it a point to give someone some of your time to acknowledge how they make your life better.  Let them know how much you enjoy how they contribute to your life.  Nothing will motivate someone to try harder and give even more than these acknowledgements.  Think of the last time someone said what an amazing parent you are, co-worker, spouse, or friend. What feeling came from it? Did you feel empowered and excited about life? Here's a secret, it feels better to give it.

The next time someone touches your life in a positive way, make sure to let them know. Give them the praise they deserve for touching your life and making you a happier person.  The words are worth more than gold!!!



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